Manager, Leader and Transformation Facilitator

Program to guide managerial development and nurture collective intelligence, within an INTER-company setting, 
for the most efficient and stress-free transformations possible

Individual managerial development to benefit team mobilization as part of transformations, while experimenting with collective intelligence in pursuit of individual development goals


  • "One-shot" group training modules tend to be inefficient and, in most cases, not beneficial.
  • An individualized accompaniment of managers over the long haul is not always well adapted and proves to be too costly.
  • The development of potential is of critical importance in ensuring sustainable performances, especially given predictably tight resources, yet key herein is the ability to overcome fear.
  • Managers must wear two caps, one marked Leader the other Facilitator, since:
    • companies are becoming increasingly complex and their environments increasingly less stable: this situation requires changing and adapting while promoting cooperation so as to improve agility;
    •  employees need to ascribe meaning to their actions, forcing managers to determine beforehand the right levers for motivating their teams;
    •  managers are much more often distracted, tense and isolated - they often: get caught up in delicate personal politics, cope with time constraints, and lack both tools and recognition;
    •  managers need to gain perspective in order to develop a broad view of their environment, in addition to capitalizing on others' talents and experiences.


                   Managing managers (excluding senior executives and outside of SMEs / startups), middle and established managers or else young promising managers being groomed.


       For the company

  • Raise both the level of motivation and the capacity to motivate
  • Retain the best prospects
  • Harness the managerial capacities of key actors
  • Accelerate the pace of change by means of improving the capacity for accompaniment
  • Show boldness in stopping counterproductive practices in favor of adopting other, more useful ones
  • Promote effective and streamlined communications with all system actors
  • And, importantly, lower the teams' stress level to establish a sustained and harmonious mode of working: exercise one's prevention role to benefit workplace quality, since a poorly-equipped manager induces stress and loses effectiveness!

       For the participant

  • Gain awareness of one's resources and areas for improvement
  • Test run the power of collective intelligence in a live and secure setting
  • Solve practical managerial and/or behavioral problems
  • Incorporate simple and efficient management tools
  • Learn how to broaden one's skill set and experiment with new relationship roles (self-affirmation, 
    good listener, etc.) so as to better adapt to the circumstances of the situation
  • Become a more open person and build self-confidence
  • And rally support from a community of managers for the long haul in preserving one's image.


  • Accompany over the long-term through both and individual and collective work program
  • Experience collective intelligence with the appropriate tools, like co-development
  • Encourage sharing and experimentation in order to incorporate the content into practice
  • Take advantage of one's strengths (appreciative approach) and focus on individual areas for improvement
  • Try out various configurations: working in pairs, base camps (groups of 4 to 6), and plenary formats
  • Vary the scope of session leaders to better adapt to individual needs
  • Work exclusively on actual, real-world cases
  • Contribute a simple, efficient and reusable set of tools
  • Oversee monitoring and institute an empowerment mindset
  • Develop a promotion and network-based approach
  • Emphasize post-accompaniment connections and exchanges by creating a dedicated durable community.


1 - Pre-program phase - D - 3 months

  • Online questionnaire regarding the profile, context, challenges and expectations
  • Followed by individual 1-hour exchange with the supervising coach for validation and clarification

2 - Preliminary stages - D - 1 month

  • 360° Qualintra: 10-12 interviewees (with sample validated by N+1 and/or DHR/RHR)

           to validate both the strengths and areas for improvement, relayed to the supervising coach,

  • Review of the personalized DISC report.

3 - Coaching session to debrief the 360° evaluation  - D - 1 month

4 - Four-party kickoff meeting held with the supervisor, HR, manager and coach - D - 1 month

5 - Seminar 1 (2 days) - D

Jour 1

  • Warmup: "You at your best" played out in pairs
  • Finding yourself through your partner's lens using concentric circles
  • Establishing a secure framework to provide the necessary level of confidence vs. authenticity
  • Participating in the base camp coat of arms drill (groups of 4 to 6)
  • The DISC tool explained, deployed and practiced first in the plenary session, then in subgroups and down to the pair level with a role play ("elevator" and behavioral maps)
  • Individual development plan rolled out with the partner under the coaches' guidance.

Day 2

  • Sociogram - mapping one's environment and laying out the relevant strategy
  • Efficient line of questioning aimed at stimulating a positive exchange
  • Co-development within a base camp setting (in groups of 4 to 6)
  • Exercises held on sabotages first in subgroups then in pairs
  • Perspective-building at the individual level on one's emotions and behavioral reflexes in order to develop agility in handling relationships, models of managerial coherence
  • Individual development plan produced in pairs reviewed with input from coaches.

6 - Intersession work program - D + 1 month

  • Reading of the letter addressed to oneself including the personal objective
  • Pair-based activity (2 hours) on the individual development plan follow-up
  • Remote group monitoring using Webex for sharing and responses (2 hours)
  • Exchanges held across the WhatsApp group
  • Testing of StrengthsFinder

7 - Seminar 2 (1 day) - D + 2 months

  • Output from the StrengthsFinder exercise
  • Feedback - DISC tool: for developing / facing one's team members
  • Group role play session - "Flight to the moon"
  • Delegated meetings: in pursuit of efficient and stimulating meetings
  • Why: impact of one's communication style
  • Post-it sharing sequence involving all participants and coaches
  • Plenary gathering for closure

8 - Follow-up assignment   -  D + 3 months

  • Another round of autonomous monitoring Codev in subgroups (3 hours)
  • Summary report for pair validation (2 hours) before submission to the coach

9 - Individual coaching (90 minutes) - D + 4 months

  • To cement at the individual level and overcome any potential obstacles

10 - Four-party wrap-up meeting held with the supervisor, HR, manager and coach

11 - Graduation gala / celebration among participants - D + 5 months

12 - Program evaluation and feedback to the company - D + 5 months

13 - Sharing community spawned among managers in search of resources - D + 5 months


  • 360° - an essential comparative mapping tool renowned in the field of managerial development
  • Codev - collective intelligence tool dedicated to solving practical problems
  • StrengthsFinder - a 34-dimensional assessment to enhance professional confidence through talent optimization
  • WHY - communication model inspired from the work of Simon Sinek
  • DISC - personality profile built around 4 colors / energies
  • DESC - a feedback tool offering structure, simplicity and efficiency
  • Sociogram - mapping of relations to better identify and objectify group dynamics
  • Delegated meetings - a set of meeting guidelines that effectively empower participants
  • Appreciative inquiry - proven approach to harnessing an organization's resources as well as those of its actors
  • Emotional perspective-building techniques and relationship positioning evaluation grids
  • Team-based coherence model, etc.

Program coordinators

  • Emmanuelle Villey

Executive leadership coach with over 15 years experience. After 12 years spent working with the Total Group on cross-disciplinary HR management functions (supervision of business line networking projects, HR policy implementation and management aids), Emmanuelle opted to pursue a coaching activity in connection with now familiar transformational contexts. Faced with issues ranging from mobility management, transferability of skills among functions, learning and adapting to new functions, she developed an expertise in accompanying managers and senior executives asked to adapt to new challenges and roles. Her coaching sessions address behavioral change, self-confidence, and striking a proper balance when managing changes.

In her accompaniment missions, Emmanuelle strives for an optimal "blend" between organizational accompaniment issues at the collective scale and the need to acknowledge emotions in any successful individual change.

Emmanuelle received her training at both IFAS (Synthec certification) and IGB; she also holds certifications from MBTI/TMP, in Appreciative Inquiry. Her Codev training took place with Trajectives and has been certified in the "Lego Serious Play" methodology.

  • Olivier Brutus

A dedicated international coach, Olivier has been focused, over his 13-plus years in the field, on developing leadership and relationship-building capacities among key corporate actors in enabling them to overcome crisis situations and perform their roles efficiently under minimal stress. Moreover, he helps mobilize their teams and facilitates their cooperation in order to tackle strategic challenges as a cohesive unit. Before becoming a coach, Olivier spent 15 years growing businesses within international environments, operating in the posts of Commercial and Marketing Director, Business Manager and Managing Director of a subsidiary. With 4 successful foreign assignments under his belt, Olivier has also managed 3 major European crises and has created value for the likes of Darty and Philips. Holding a "Coach & Team" certification extending to use of the DISC tool, Olivier is an accredited SF Coaching associate. He has received training in the Human Element, Appreciative Inquiry, Clarification and the Systemic Approach.

Partners, individual session leaders

  • Marie-Christine Delafontaine

As a quality control specialist, Marie-Christine accompanies both individuals and teams along the path to unlocking and utilizing their creative resources and developing their collective intelligence. She is an accredited practitioner in the application of "Creative Problem Solving" and a certified facilitator in "Creative Thinking FourSight", as well as a degreed Quality/Reliability engineer. Since collective intelligence is more effective in a stress-free setting, she has also become a TIPI-certified emotional regulation practitioner (having completed Psychosomatic training) and practices at the Nyon-based Institute for Integrative Medicinewhile accompanying transformations as Quality Assurance Manager at the La Métairie Clinic. Marie-Christine founded and serves as Honorary President of the "Back to Work Leman" association.

  • Sophie Dournier

With over 20 years of experience in the Danone Group, Sophie has acquired the skill set required to lead international cross-disciplinary projects. She has also spent 10 years accompanying senior managers in effectively communicating their vision speaking persuasively both internally and externally. As a ("Coach & Team") certified coach, she now prefers assisting organizations achieve their humanization goals. Her role is to help develop leadership and communication through the creation of meaning and shared vision. The Human Element approach offers Sophie the opportunity to place self-esteem at the core of her practice, thereby serving to build confidence in order to enhance performance.

  • Frédérique Deschamps

Since 2003, Frédérique has been helping senior managers communicate more effectively, instill trust, embrace cultural differences, cope with changes and improve efficiency both personally and among team members. She has also taught executive courses at the HEC Lausanne Business School. Before becoming a coach, Frédérique had a 15-year managerial career working in international corporations (Swiss, American and French). She has supervised intercultural teams operating in 50 countries. Frédérique holds an engineering degree from the Compiègne University of Technology. She went on to receive a Masters in Leadership and Coaching from Geneva's IDC Institute. Her certifications include several psychometric tools and her expertise encompasses a wide range of coaching approaches (e.g. neuroscience, body, emotional intelligence, appreciative coaching).

An updated list of our references

Airbus, Albea, Brenntag Spec., BCTG Avocats, BNP Paribas, Caterpillar, Cegos Suisse, CERN, Cofely GDF Suez, Colart, Dassault Systems, Dexia, EBU, Epamarne, FIPOI, FSI, GE Money Bank, Geneva International Airport, Globaer Partners, Groupama, Hager, Hotel des Ventes Piguet, Julius Baer, La Poste, L’Oréal Suisse and Europe, Louvre Hotel Group, MathWorks, Natixis, Nec Technologies, Nestlé, OCAS, Office des Bâtiments de l’Etat de Genève, OMS, Petitjean Tecnopali, Peugeot Citroën, Philip Morris International, Philips, Pictet, Richemont, Riskeo Coelience, Saint-Gobain, Sanofi Aventis, Semardel, Sita, Société Générale, Solvay, Somfy, Symbiotics, Thomas & Betts (ABB), Totsa (Total Group).

Program duration

  • This accompaniment program is scheduled to extend 8 months with 3 dedicated daylong sessions

            A total of 42 hours, 36 of which spent with coaches

  • In a group setting (total of 27.5 hours with both coaches and 4 hours on one's own)
    • 3 days in the classroom spent with 2 coordinating facilitators, trainers and coaches (24 hours)
    • 1 Skype-based group monitoring (2 hours) during intersession - development plan guidance
    • 1 classroom-based group monitoring (90 min) during intersession - topic: managing emotions
    • 1 intersession group monitoring (4 hours), dedicated to the autonomous practice of Codev
    • 1 celebratory gala evening.
  • On an individual basis (total: 6.5 hours with the coach and 4 hours with the partner)
    • 1 preliminary exchange held with the organizer (90 min) in order to validate the request
    • 2 four-party intermediate sessions held with the company (2 x 1 hour) before and after
    • 2 coaching sessions (90 min each), including one 360° evaluation debriefing session beforehand
    • 2 pair-based sessions (2 hours each) intended to monitor actions.

Upcoming sessions

  • In Geneva:          Thursday November 28th, Friday November 29th 2019 and Thursday January 16th 2020
  • In Paris:              Thursday December 5th, Friday December 6th 2019 and Thursday January 23th 2020


  • Company fixed fee:                   5,000 CHF (pre-tax) or 4,500 € (no tax, Swiss SARL)

                                                             For your reference, pre-tax cost range for a coaching : 10,000 CHF  

  • Offer for a 2-month reservation made prior to the start:             

                                                              4,500 CHF (pre-tax) or 4,000 €  (no tax, Swiss SARL)

This amount includes preparation, preliminary meeting, the four-party meetings held with the company, joint coordination services, phone follow-up, the 360° evaluation debriefing session, individual coaching, project management and administrative management, in addition to purchases of the 360° Qualintra tool, the DISC personality profile questionnaire and the StrengthsFinder test, room rentals, upgrades, etc.

Does not include lunch costs.

Payment conditions: 50% upon reservation, and 50% at the time of program launch.

Contact details

Olivier Brutus

Transitions and Talents


Phone: +33 6 18 19 53 56

Phone: +41 79 911 40 62

Arcenter, Route de Montfleury 3 - 1214 Vernier, Switzerland


Olivier Brutus

Talent Development partner and senior business coach

+41 79 911 40 62

+33 6 18 19 53 56

Route de Montfleury 3, 1214 Vernier