We know how to reposition and efficiently develop executives and their teams, aiming at individual accomplishment  and collective performance.
Our secret – enthusiastic rigour. 


  • Listen carefully to our clients’ needs, and challenge them in full transparency and trust 
  • Provide simple solutions to complex problems 
  • Apply a systemic approach for long-term solutions 
  • Promote the autonomy and accountability of our coachees and clients
  • Develop quality partnerships over time  
  • Respect the contract of our mandate and the ethics of our profession 
  • Set a fair and realistic price 


  • Business oriented, senior, certified and supervised coaches, who have a considerable executive experience
  • A multicultural team  who have complementary skills, and share values and projects  
  • An independent company and  its carefully selected expert partners
  • A pragmatic, high impact approach. 


Improve  one’s impact to the company :  
  • Personal coaching to change behaviour or to attain targeted professional objectives
  • Leadership training
  • Manager coach training
  • 360°debrief
  • DISC debrief 
To fully assume one’s role and ensure the company’s success


Create true engagement to a leader or a project, in order to overcome the challenges of today and of tomorrow :
  • Team Building
  • Cooperation or DISC workshop
  • Group coaching
  • Co-development
  • Appreciative Inquiry workshop
  • Mediation
  • Qualintra engagement survey
Favour communication and cooperation to contribute to team performance.


Improve motivation and employability in order to ensure success in any professional transition :
  • "Check and Go" sessions
  • "Be yourself" session
  • Individual transition coaching 
  • Group transition coaching
Focusing on true needs, encouraging autonomy and responsibility.

They already trust us

The path is clear, the operational axis is well defined, the support is benevolent and efficient, and much appreciated. The result is astonishing.
Alignment with oneself is what coaching offers.
My objective was to progress in my career and your coaching allowed me to do it more efficiently and to be much more confident in the future.
Olivier's coaching has been extremely helpful in order to find resources within me to go through my professional transition. I would recommend to anyone who lives similar experiences to leverage off such knowledgeable person as a guide. I particularly appreciated his understanding of situational needs and quick turnaround to pull out tips from his "tool box".
I found this type of coaching extremely useful and relevant. It helps me to identify important key elements in my career and to consider its continuation more objectively and with more serenity.
« Olivier is a very dynamic, result oriented person. He has extensive experience in HR (team building, change management, outplacement) and is a great coach. He is able to quickly analyse a business situation and to make powerful recommendations. It is a real pleasure to work with Olivier ».
« I had the pleasure to work with Olivier at a time I was HR manager for British Airways. He was at the time initiating his first steps as coach and setting up his business. Then and since that time, I always find empathy, sharp listening, appropriate advices during all meetings we had together”
“Thanks to his creativity, his quiet behavior, Olivier, with another colleague, succeeded in coaching a 24 dynamic managers group from PSA in 2011. The result was a perfect teambuilding, gathering people from different directions and generations”.
Olivier is used to be supporting executives. He uses a unique approach to overcome resistance and avoid clichés.
Truly bluffing outcome. This tool, is meant for professional experts only! It is an HR war machine to sustain any candidate whiling to take a deep breath into itself to get boosted for it career development.
« A very professionnal contributor with a valuable human touch »
It’s like an injection of enthusiasm.
The team building session which was organised for our operational management team has been efficient, quick and highly positive.

Olivier Brutus

Talent Development partner and senior business coach

+41 79 911 40 62

+33 6 18 19 53 56

Route de Montfleury 3, 1214 Vernier